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Simplexity File Icons | So Awesome!

Note: These Icon’s are not created by me, I’m just linking them since they’re so awesome. The link continues to Jrdn88’s Deviantart.

Includes 120 different file extension icons in both png and icon format (31mb). All major file extensions are included. Works best with Vista.

For personal desktop use only!! May not be reproduced, redistributed, or used commercially.

15 Best Places to find Free Stock Imagery

Could be of use to alot of designers who utilise stock imagery.

Freelancing Rates, Where to Start.

Everyone’s been there. Some still are. Here’s a rundown, regardless of your country.

Dress Code.

What to wear to an interview, is there a rule?

The Best Logo Inspiration Site.

Logopond, the Absolute Best Logo Inspiration Site. I check back frequently.

Perry Bible Fellowship Comics

One of my favourite online comics, the graphic style, the humour and the execution is perfect.

Understanding your brain for better design - Left vs Right

Learn to differenciate the thought processes between your left and right brain. Find out what type a thinker you are.

Back to Basics

50 free graphic design theory lessons to help you understand what makes a design successful.

To Tumblr, Love Metalab